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Sealed and Fertilizer Models

4 Sizes in Sealed Range: 744 bag to 1020 bag (62t—85t)

2 Sizes in Fertilizer Range: 648 bag to 768 bag (54t - 64t, based on wheat)

Galvanized Bases across the range

Ground opening centrefill lever, 2 positions, general use and sealed,

Centrefill cap must be opened to allow safe outloading.

Centrefill cap lays flat against roof when open

Fumigation system on silos allows treatment from ground level

Easy to open slide chute

Sight glasses for viewing fill level

Inspection hole in base

Removable hoppers

Waterproof roof design

Tank constructed with huck bolts for added strength


Cone angles—Standard 30 degrees

                 - Fertilizer 35 degrees


Special Features include:

Internal tank stays for extra strength

Increased height to roof panel joins for added strength

Roof panels heavier gauge material for strength

Safety relief valve incorporated in fumigation system