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Standard and Fertilizer models


Standard Bin 3 sizes: 400 bag to 500 bag (33t—41t)

Fertilizer Bin 2 sizes: 320 bag & 420 bag (27t  & 35t)

Campbell design large rectangular doors

Galvanized Bases and cones

Ground opening door levers

Waterproof Campbell Design Roof

Campbell Design Safety Easy lift—easy over wheel arms

Easy to operate slide chute to adjust grain flow

Sight glasses for viewing fill level

Inspection hole in base

Front hinged doors ensure doors remain closed while towing

Placement of wheels to ensure balanced when towing

Wheel arms face rearward when towing

Heavy axle assemblies

Heavier gauge roof panels with increased join height for extra strength

Cone angles—Standard 30 degrees

                 -Fertlilizer 35 degrees