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PTO Field Bin Model

The Campbell Design Large Rectangular Doors with Ground opening levers

12” Auger barrel, fitted externally for easier and faster emptying of bin

Auger output: 3.2t per min (192t per hour)

Sight glasses for viewing of grain level

Campbell Design Safety Easy lift—easy over wheel arms (2 springs per side)

Inspection hole in base

Easy slide opening chute, allowing flow regulation

Slide chute allows complete flow shut off, allowing auger to be emptied

Waterproof Campbell Design Roof

Front Hinged doors to ensure  doors remain closed while towing

Placement of wheels to ensure balanced when towing

Wheel arms face rearward when towing

35 degree cone angle, galvanised base and cone

Suitable for both grain and fertilizer

Size available: 420bag (35t Wheat)


Improved features include:

-Heavier axle assemblies

-Cleaning out chute at bottom of auger

-High Tensile shaft to PTO

-Rain/condensation drip point to prevent moisture collecting at auger base



***Tow pull allows bin to remain attached to tractor when lowered on ground and PTO Shaft connected ***